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FOX News
Nov 1, 2012 8:00am PDT
of the house committee on homeland security. also with us the vice president of foreign and defense policy studies at american enterprise institute. danielle, i will be with you in a minute. we will talk with congressman king dealing with the aftermath of hurricane sandy in his community. your reaction to this latest news? >> as far as libya, this absolutely proves once again that this administration --, they had been forewarned. they were clearly not ready for it. that is bad you have in for itself but the fact they continued to cover this up, to spread misleading stories is absolutely inexcusable. there is time and place for politics but the loss of american life is, should always come before politics and clearly the state department officials in libya, in benghazi, in tripoli were warning of this. i mean we've known for a period of time that al qaeda had training camps in that area. we knew it was a hotbed of al qaeda and islamist activity. to have inadequate security and then, not to respond when the attack was made and then finally, not finally, but to continue to, cover this up and s
FOX News
Oct 29, 2012 8:00am PDT
guard and department of defense all positioned, if the public's not following instructions, that makes it more dangerous for people and it means that we could have fatalities that could have been avoided. transportation is going to be tied up for a long time and probably the most significant impact for a lot of people is the flooding, is going to be getting power back on. we anticipate there will be a lot of trees down and a lot of water and our, despite the fact that the power companies are working very closely with their various state officials and local officials to make sure that they are bringing in as many assets as possible and getting those ready in preparation for the storm the fact is a lot of these emergency crews are not going to be able to get into position to start restoring power until some of these winds have died down. and because of the nature of this storm that may make, may take several days. so the public should anticipate that there's going to be a lot of power outages and it may take time for that power to get back on. the same is true with transportation. there
FOX News
Nov 2, 2012 8:00am PDT
of defense, chairman of joint chiefs, secretary of state, national security advisor et cetera. fox news learned u.s. military intelligence was reporting early as 7:00 p.m. eastern less than four hours after the attack began that ansar al-sharia carried out the attack on the consulate. the intelligence was relayed to the military with no caveats cording a source familiar with that intelligence. further two state department cables showed stevens's team warned washington or tried to warn washington at 6:43 a.m. in the morning they had concerns that members. libyan police sent to guard them were photographing the compound. this important was photographing the inside of the u.s. special mission and furthermore this person was part of the police unit sent to protect the mission. u.s. intelligence officials tell fox that there were reports from eyewitnesses in benghazi that a libyan militia, a armed libyan mill lash that was gathering three hours before the attack began on the consulate that night on september 11th. back to you, jenna. jenna: more information as we get it. jenner if, thank you
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)